Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon

FIC - The Pleasure of Pain ~Yoruichi/Urahara NC17

Pairings/Characters: Shihōin Yoruichi and Urahara Kisuke

Spoilers: none

Warnings: PWP, blood play, bondage, anal, pegging and probably other objectionable sex practices. :D

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2715

Prompt: princess

Description: He made one little mistake and now it’s time to take his punishment. 

Notes:  Consensual Sex, no real point to it, except my enjoyment in writing it.

His hands were cuffed...


Blame Somebody Else Day, Voting Post

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The Entries:

Spring Cleaning by nikita_cheri111 
Holding Out For You by mysocalledhell 
Little Moments by shadowgirl1605 

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