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Contest: Blame Somebody Else Day

Title: Little Moments
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: G
Characters/Pairings: Isshin, Kisuke
Prompt: holding out for you
Disclaimer: Not mine; never will be.
Notes: Late entry is … well, late. And also~ Random. Very late and random entry. Those are your only warnings before you reaaaad.

“My, my, you’re not looking so good down there, Isshin-san,” chirped Urahara Kisuke just a little too brightly for the current situation. “Need a hand up?”

“Wha? Never!” Isshin denied at once, never one to forsake pride for his own well-being. All it earned was a ‘tsk’ from Kisuke, mocking in its tone. “Go away, I can do this on my own!”

“Oh, yes. Because wow, you’re just doing so well,” Kisuke congratulated, fairly condescending this time. “Stupid. Just like me help you.”

“So you can have me owe you something later? Ha, I think not!” Isshin struggled to reach out for the next rock that would take him one step closer to the level ground where Kisuke stood. “I said I was gonna do this the normal way, now I’m gonna do this the normal way!” He foot slipped a fraction of an inch below him, shifting his weight off balance and making him reconsider doing this the so called ‘normal’ way.

“Fine, fine, get yourself killed. Again. I don’t care. Do you see me caring?”

Isshin directed a glare up at his long-time friend as he righted his stance on the cliff, slowly working his way up to the top. “Shut. The. Hell. Up. Stupid.”

“Stupid, who are you calling stupid?” That ever present fan nowadays was snapped out and waved back and forth dismissively. “Maa, maa, so rude!”

“… And this is why you are stupid.”

“Take that back, please~.”


“Play nice.”

“Yeah, right.”




“… What’s this about my ass?”

Kisuke took a step back, a slight laugh leaving him all the same. “See, it didn’t take you long to get up here with a little encouragement! Now did it?”

“Psh.” Sticking out his tongue childishly, Isshin couldn’t help but think they were acting more like kids than they ever had. It felt good to revel in days like that, though. When they had just been nothing up two confused teenagers, not centuries old and world-weary. Good times, they were hard to come by now - and the ones that happened (the ones so few and in-between), they were ones to treasure just for the sake of treasuring them there, having them stored away in nothing but memories.
Tags: contest: blame somebody else day, isshin, kisuke

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