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Contest: Blame Somebody Else Day

Title: Spring Cleaning
Rating: PG
Pairing: Isshin/Kisuke
Warning: Cuteness
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just abuse them.
Prompt: Holding out for You
Summary: This is why Ururu and Jinta end up having to do all the cleaning around the shop... This popped into my head and I had to... it amused the hell out of me, hopefully someone else finds it as entertaining

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New Contest: Blame Somebody Else Day


1. Entries will be due by at least midnight on April 20th.
2. The theme of "Blame Somebody Else Day" (which is actually today, the 13th of April) may or may not be included. It's not mandatory. But the prompt - "holding out for you" must be alluded to some way, shape or form~
3. Isshin and/or Urahara must be included in the entry somehow. Fanart is fine, and so is fanfiction. Whichever you would like to do.
4. Title the subject of your post “Contest: Blame Somebody Else Day” and tag it like that, too? Just to make things easier and such.
5. Most importantly, have fuuun~!

First place winners will receive both a banner and a fanfic, while second and third place winners have the option of either or.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask in a comment or get in contact with one of the Mods.

Last thing: Another voting post will be up at the end of the deadline, wherein you'll be able to vote for the winner once more~ Have a great week, guys.

Can it be annoucement time nao?

Why yes, yes it can! Now to announce our lovely winners from the April Fool's Day contest <3

First place: Babysitting by liralen 
Second place: Break of Day by shadowgirl1605 
Third place: Harsh Light of Day by nikita_cheri111 

Congrats to everyone who won~! When you get back, Lira, I am definitely tackling you for what kind of banner you want. I bet Crash will do the same fic-wise. As for the other winners (lolol, this is weird - me being one *headdesk*), feel free to comment here with what you would like~ A banner or a fic. Aaaand, that's all for now. I hope everyone's having a great week. Look out for a new contest soon ;)

April Fool's Day Contest, Voting Post

Even if you didn't participate, feel free to vote as well. Though, please only vote for one entry in a comment (all comments will be screened) for us to calculate a winner in the end. I want to thank everyone who participated ... and in advance everyone who votes, too. Both Mods, really, are happy to see this community growing - you guys really make our day ♥~ Voting will end on Wednesday, April 9th.

The Entries:

Harsh Light of Day by nikita_cheri111 
By the Morning Light by mysocalledhell 
Babysitting by liralen 
Ichigo's New Shoes by aquarious713 
Break of Day by shadowgirl1605 
In the Cold Light of Morning by bellumina 
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April Fool's Contest~!

Title: In the Cold Light of Morning
Fandom: Bleach
Characters/Pairings: Isshin, Yoruichi, Urahara
Word Count: 1,153
Summary: It's been a long time since they last saw each other.
Notes: For exiled_love's April Fool's contest; prompt was "by the morning light." Strongly inspired by Placebo's song "In the Cold Light of Morning"

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Contest: April Fool's Day - By The Morning Light

Title: Break of Day
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Kisuke (with hints of Isshin, if you want to take him as the other captain – if not, that’s fine, too~ Purposely left that bit open for interpretation since I was too lazy to add more depth to said person.)
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my own quirky brain. And even that I'm dubious about owning.
Notes: Contest entry failure is failure, but still an entry? *is not looking to win, but promised to write something, so did~* =) Ah well, you can read it over at my journal, if you'd like. And tomorrow (or today, actually, in the evening when I have time)~ I will set up the voting post for everyone, so keep an eye out for that~!

Link is here.
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REMINDER: April Fool's Day Contest

Just dropping a reminder to everyone that plans on entering our little contest here.  It ends tonight at midnight.  Let's say that as long as it's midnight somewhere, it's still fine to post something.  One of the mods will be posting the poll to decide the winner tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it.

Theme: April Fool's Day
Prompt: by the morning light
1st Place: a banner and a fic
2nd & 3rd place: choice of either a banner or a fic.

If you have any questions, please contact a mod.