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exiled_love's Journal

Even the Exiled Need Love
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Kisuke and Isshin and all the fun they have together and with everyone else.

Isshin and Kisuke may have been exiled from Soul Society but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some lovin’ every now and again.

This comm is here to show Kisuke and Isshin the love that we all know they truly deserve. Or debauch them as seen fit.


1. No spamming, please. If you want to advertise a community, yourself, or a RPG, just ask one of the Mods. They don’t bite. Much, anyway.

2. Please keep it nice and friendly here, guys, if you have issues with someone, just keep it to yourself or ask a Mod about it if you feel the matter should be properly addressed. That’s what Mods are for, to take care of the problems. ‘Kay?

3. Anything, from fanart to fanfiction to icons, can be posted up on here. As long as it pertains to Isshin and/or Urahara. If it goes above R, though, please make sure to put up a problem warning and hide it behind a cut to spare us.

4. Ego stroking is incentive for writers to write more. The more you praise the author, the more likely they are to write more. Keep that in mind when you view other's hard work for your pleasure.
Have fun! Any questions? Contact the mods.


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